ManGo – Plan to visit. Check in. Find the party.

It never fails, you’re out partying and someone always says, “Where’s everyone at tonight?” or “Whats going on at so and so?”  BOOM – when we all start using ManGo – Party Found!

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touch/click appropriate banner to get to app store
touch/click appropriate banner to get to app store

The App that Gives Back!  10 cents per download will go to the continuing fight against HIV/AIDS!  Plus other great causes in our community!

The ManGo App is a brand new “Check-in” app that not only lets you check in to your favorite Gay and Gay friendly venues and events across the USA, it allows you to plan on visiting your favorite venues and events as well!  Better yet, you can also see pics of those checked in and those planning to attend!

Open the app when you are at your favorite hot spot or event and BOOM – the app knows you are there, popping up a “You are at” screen and allowing you to check-in!  It  knows when you’ve found the party!  Cool!

Open the app when you are not at a venue or event and see all Gay and Gay Friendly venues in your immediate Geographical area from closest to farthest.  See stats on how many are checked in … how many are planning to attend … Touch the venue you are interested in and see a breakdown of those checked in by body type.  But here is where the coolest feature is found … you can touch any day of the week to PLAN and visit your fav venue or event.  Touch the +/- toggle and see how many are planning for each day of that week … touch the number under the day and see PICs of all planning to visit … plus so much more!

Did we mention that Venues can also send out FREE, Real Time UPDATES as to what is going on at their venues?  Awesome!  No more, “What is going on at so-and-so tonight??”  And, you will be notified anytime a new update comes out by the red “Updates button” that will appear on the main venue list.  This is your alert that the party is rockin!

So much more info … touch the venue/event listing and get all the details about that venue/event … you can see description, address (that is linked to google maps) website, phone number and email address. Touch a day of the week on the Venue Detail Planning days feature and “Plan” on visiting that venue!  Touch the “+” by the Planning days heading and see the number of people planning to visit that Venue per day for that week!  Touch the number under the day and see PHOTOS of all planning to visit that venue on that Day!

Touch the camera icon on the Venue Details page to see a gallery of all guys who are checked in!  Plus so much more! All of these great new features are due to the NEW USER PROFILE PIC UPLOAD!  This great new feature is now along with our awesome statistical “check-in” breakdown of body types  (Avg, Bear, Muscled, Athletic, Leather, etc) AND age ranges AND the relationship status of all checked in … You can also see PHOTOS of all by Body Type! Just touch the number next to the statistic !! BOOM !!  All in one App.  Welcome to BoyGo / ManGo … the must have app for any modern gay man. Newly updated with tons of great features such as:

  • Ability for user to UPLOAD A PROFILE PIC
  • New user real time “What’s Up” status
  • Ability to see Photo Gallery of users checked in to a venue or event
  • Ability to see Photo Gallery of users planning to attend a venue or event
  • Ability for Venue owners to register and send out FREE Updates of what is going on at their venue anytime in real time!  No more guessing what is going on at so-and-so tonight!
  • Best of all, A portion of all proceeds will go to the continuing fight against HIV and AIDS!  The app that gives back!

The ManGo app will always default to venues in your current GEO Location. I’m sure you can see how this makes ManGo the perfect travel companion! You can be in the “know” no matter where you are in the country. You can also search by City, State or Zip. All of the great stuff together in one App.

PLUS, We’ve also included a “Redeem Button.” This button never has any guaranteed value whatsoever, but can be used by the Venue or Event as they see fit. For example, a venue may say, “Show us your ManGo check-in and use your Redeem button for a free beverage!” Just another great feature that venues can use to get the boys checking in and “Go’ing”! All these great features will definitely bring the “life” back to “nightlife” and we have much more planned in the next versions to come. The app is ManGo and its where the men are … and  the bears … and the leather studs … and the bodybuilders … and the … and the …. Welcome to ManGo!